"Be", "Have" e "Do" - Exercícios de Inglês

Completa as frases com a forma correta dos verbos "be", "have" e "do". Use as formas positivas e negativas dos verbos.

1. I ____ reading the news at the moment.
2. Sue isn't at work at the moment. She ____ gone to Toronto for a conference.
3. The Eiffel Tower ____ built between 1887 and 1889.
4. Ruth ____ eat meat. She's a vegetarian.
5. We ____ been to Rome before. This is our first time in Italy.
6. Look! How strange! Our dog ____  playing with the cat from next door.
7. Your uniforms ____ washed last week and now they're dirty again.
8. I turned the music off because you ____ listening to it.
9. A lot of leather shoes ____ imported from Brazil every year.
10. I was tired, so I ____ go out last night. 


1. am
2. has
3. was
4. doesn't
5. haven't
6. is
7. were
8. weren't
9. are
10. didn't