Some, Any, No ou None - Exercícios de Inglês

Completa com "some","any", "no" ou "none".

Richard: Hi, Kate. How are you?
Kate: Fine, but busy. We've got (1) ______ exams next week, remember?
Richard: I know. How much work did you do yesterday?
Kate: (2) ______, I went to the theatre. What about you?
Richard: I had (3) ______ time yesterday. It was my brother's birthday, so we all went out for dinner.
Kate: Have you done (4) ______ this morning?
Richard: (5) ______ , but not a lot. Anyway, I called to ask you something. Do you know where my history book is?
Kate: I've got (6) ______ idea, but you can borrow mine if you want.
Richard: Thanks .
Kate: Let's meet outside my office this lunchtime. I'll bring my history book for you.
Richard: Good idea. I'm very worried about the history exam. Have you got (8) ______ old exam papers? I'd really like to look at them.
Kate: I haven't got (9) ______, but my sister's got (10) ______ from a few years ago. I'll bring them with me.
Richard: Wonderful! See you at 12:00. OK?


1. some
2. None
3. no
4. any
5. Some
6. no
7. some
8. any
9. any
10. some