Both, Either, Neither - Exercícios de Inglês

Completa com both, either ou neither. Use "of" quando for necessário.

A: You've written many great books, but your last two weren't very successful. How did you feel about that?

B: Well, to be honest, I didn't really like (1) _______ them. I wrote them in a hurry and I think it shows. (2) _______ book has sold well - only 8,000 copies, which isn't good.

A: Do you work in your house or in an office?

B: I don't work in (3) _______ I have a studio at the bottom of our garden.

A: Do you have any children, and do they live at home?

B: I have one girl and one boy. (4) _______ are married.

A: I know you get a lot of your ideas from travelling, so can I ask you where you would like to go for a summer holiday - Cuba or Hawaii?

B: (5) _______ them sound wonderful, don't they? But I'd choose Cuba. It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit.

A: When you're working, I believe that you listen to music. Do you like rock music or classical music?

B: I don't like (6) _______ them. I prefer jazz.

A: Tom Miller, thank you for talking to us today.


1. either of
2. Neither 
3. either 
4. Both  
5. Both of
6. either of