Exercícios com Advérbios em Inglês

Sublinha a forma correta em cada frase.

1. I always/already do the housework on Sunday.

2. I haven't booked my summer holiday just/yet.

3. My siter has just/ever joined the book club.

4. Sue has already/ever bought a new  backpack for the school year.

5. Have you so far/ever tasted Chinese Food?

6. Dylan has been in Italy since/for two weeks.

7. I have never/just seen this picture before.

8. The secretary has typed five letters yet/ so far this afternoon.

9. I have been working here since/still March.

10. The Smiths have moved house recently/so far.


1. always
2. yet
3. just
4. already
5. ever
6. for
7. never
8. so far
9. since
10. recently