Prefixos - Exercícios de Inglês

Complete com o prefixo correto para cada palavra entre parêntese. Use a seguinte lista:

ex, under, post, over, anti, inter, pre, de, semi, re

1. Zoe is now doing a ___________ (graduate) degree.

2. Mr. Miller is an ___________ (-teacher). He retired five years ago.

3. This is an ___________ (national) company. It has offices all over the world.

4. Tom is ___________ (weight) for his age and height. He eats very little.

5. Mia is very ___________ (-social). She is often rude to people.

6. The ___________ (-finals) of the championship are next week.

7. You can ___________ (book) a vegetarian meal on this flight.

8. The women tried to ___________ (code) the secret message.

9. The restaurant ___________ (charged) us $50 for our meal, but we refused to pay until they had checked the bill.

10. When you've finished reading, please ___________ (place) the books on the shelves.


1. post
2. ex
3. inter
4. under
5. anti
6. semi
7. pre
8. de
9. over
10. re