"Can't" ou "Couldn't" - Exercícios de Inglês

Completa usando "can't" ou "couldn't".

1. I'd like to read Sue's email. The only problem is I ____ find my glasses.

2. Sandra didn't pass her spanish exam because she ____ answer the questions.

3. I'd like to invite my boyfriend to dinner at my house, but unfortunately I ____ cook.

4. Tom was really tired last night, but he ____ sleep.

5. People said she was a very interesting speaker, but I ____ understand  her.

6. I've got two tickets for the cinema on Friday, but unfortunately Bill ____  come.

7. Mary's cat ran out of the house and she ____ catch it.

8. We had a guitar at home when I was younger, but I ____ play it.

9. (at the theatre) Those people in front of me are very tall. I ____ see the stage.


1. can't
2. couldn't
3 can't 
4 couldn't 
5 couldn't 
6 can't 
7 couldn't
8 couldn't 
9 can't 

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança