Some, Any, No ou None - Exercícios de Inglês

Completa com "some","any", "no" ou "none".

Richard: Hi, Kate. How are you?
Kate: Fine, but busy. We've got (1) ______ exams next week, remember?
Richard: I know. How much work did you do yesterday?
Kate: (2) ______, I went to the theatre. What about you?
Richard: I had (3) ______ time yesterday. It was my brother's birthday, so we all went out for dinner.
Kate: Have you done (4) ______ this morning?
Richard: (5) ______ , but not a lot. Anyway, I called to ask you something. Do you know where my history book is?
Kate: I've got (6) ______ idea, but you can borrow mine if you want.
Richard: Thanks .
Kate: Let's meet outside my office this lunchtime. I'll bring my history book for you.
Richard: Good idea. I'm very worried about the history exam. Have you got (8) ______ old exam papers? I'd really like to look at them.
Kate: I haven't got (9) ______, but my sister's got (10) ______ from a few years ago. I'll bring them with me.
Richard: Wonderful! See you at 12:00. OK?


1. some
2. None
3. no
4. any
5. Some
6. no
7. some
8. any
9. any
10. some 

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança