Pronomes Indefinidos I - Exercícios de Inglês

Completa a seguinte carta com someone (or somebody) / anything / nowhere etc. 

Hello, Mary 

I've been in this town for three months now. I haven't met (1) _______ interesting. Also, it's very quiet in the evenings. All the shops and restaurants close early, and the streets are empty. There's (2) _______ to go and there's (3) _______ good on the TV. That's what I thought. Then yesterday (4) _______ told me about a sports club (5) _______ near my home. So I decided to try it - and it's great! There's weighttraining,
tennis, a swimming pool, and the people are friendly. (6) _______ tells you
what to do - you can choose for yourself. In the middle of the evening, (7) _______ said, 'Hello, I'm Mia. Are you doing (8) _______ later this evening? Would you like to go for (9) _______ to eat?' So we did.
Great, isn't it? I'm beginning to feel better about the town now. But it's funny, I haven't been (10) _______ for three months and then yesterday it all started to happen.



1. anybody
2. nowhere
3. nothing
4. someone/somebody
5. somewhere
6. No-one/Nobody
7. someone/somebody
8. anything
9. something
10. anywhere 

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança