Exercícios Presente Simples vs Prestente Contínuo em Inglês

Conjuga o verbo em presente simples ou prestente contínuo segundo corresponda:


A: Why _________ (smell/you) my clothes?
B: It _________ (smell) lovely. It's like violets.


A: Why _________ (taste/you) the juice?
B: To see if it _________ (taste) good. I think it needs more sugar.


A: I _________ (feel) very sick.
B: Maybe you should go to see the doctor.


A: I _________ (see) Bill this afternoon.
B: I _________ (see) So, you don't want to come to the mall with me, do you?


A: I _________ (think) about buying a new backpack soon.
B: Why? I _________ (think) your backpack is fine. You don't need a new one.


A: What  _________ (look/you) at?
B: The sky. It  _________ (look) as if it's going to rain.


A: Believe it or not, I really  _________ (enjoy) fast food.
B: So do I.


A: Sandra _________ (be) a sensible person, isn't she?
B: Yes, but in this case she _________ (be) rather foolish.


A: My husband _________ (fit) the old blind from the living room in my bedroom today.
B: Really? _________ (it/fit) tat window?


A: My back _________ (hurt).
B: Why don't you lie down for a while?


1. are you smelling / smells
2. are you tasting / tastes
3. feel / am feeling 
4. am seeing / see
5. am thinking / think
6. are you looking / looks
7. enjoy
8. is / is being
9. is fitting / Does it fit
10. hurts ou is hurting

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança