Exercícios com Advérbios em Inglês

Sublinha a forma correta em cada frase.

1. I always/already do the housework on Sunday.

2. I haven't booked my summer holiday just/yet.

3. My siter has just/ever joined the book club.

4. Sue has already/ever bought a new  backpack for the school year.

5. Have you so far/ever tasted Chinese Food?

6. Dylan has been in Italy since/for two weeks.

7. I have never/just seen this picture before.

8. The secretary has typed five letters yet/ so far this afternoon.

9. I have been working here since/still March.

10. The Smiths have moved house recently/so far.


1. always
2. yet
3. just
4. already
5. ever
6. for
7. never
8. so far
9. since
10. recently

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança