Infinitivo vs Gerúndio - Exercícios de Inglês

Coloca o verbo na forma infinitivo ou na forma -ing que corresponda.


A: Have you decided where _______ (spend) your holiday?
B: Yes, I would like _______ (go) to Cuba.


A: I hate _______ (clean) the bathrooms.
B: Me too. I wish I could afford _______ (employ) a cleaner.


A: Marcos was the last person _______ (arrive) at the office.
B: Yes, he was.


A: What are you doing this Saturday?
B: Well, my husband suggested _______ (drive) to the seaside.


A: She can't get used to _______ (work) for such a large company.
B: Yes, you are right.


A: It was nice of Sue _______ (visit) us yesterday.
B: Yes, I was happy _______ (see) her.


A: I'm sure I've failed my exam.
B: Well. there's no point in _______ (worry) until you get your results. 


A: We should _______ (tell) Mia about the party.
B: Yes. We had better _______ (invite) Bill, too.


A: Did the police arrest that man?
B: Yes, he admitted to _______ (steal) a wallet.


A: Did you have a nice day?
B: No really. I arrived home only _______ (find) that I'd left my keys at work.


1. to spend / to go
2. cleaning /  to employ
3. to arrive
4. driving
5. working
6. to visit / to see
7. worrying
8. tell / invite
9. stealing 
10. to find

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança