Prova de Inglês I - Tempos Verbais

Assinale a resposta correta.

1. Sophie ________ hard recently. She is taking her exams next week.

A: has been studying  B: has studied  C: studied

2. Lucy: I must go to the supermarket.
   Bill: I ________ there this afternoon. I'll give you a lift.

A: have been  B: am going C: go

3. Emma: ________ is very good for you.
   Olivia: Yes, It's my favourite form of exercise.

A: Swin  B: Swimming  C: To swin

4. Ava: We'd better run to the cinema.
   Isabella: I know. The movie ________ in five minutes.

A: is starting  B: has started  C: starts

5. Mia: I'm very hungry. 
   Zoe: I know. You ________ all day.

A: haven't been eating  B: haven't eaten  C: don't eat

6. Lily: I can't decide what ________ for dinner.
   Emily: Why don't you buy a pizza?

A: have  B: having  C: to have

7. Madelyn: Why did you go to the shop this afternoon?
   Madison: ________ some fruit.

A: Get  B: Getting  C: To get

8. Layla: How did you hurt your finger.
   Ella: I cut it as I ________ the onions.

A: chopped  B: am chopping  C: was chopping

9. Amelia: The journey here was very tiring.
   Arianna: Yes, I am very glad ________ here at last.

A: being  B: to be  C: be

10: Evelyn: Let's go for a walk.
    Aria: We can't go out until the rain ________.

A: stopped  B: will stop  C: stops


1 - A
2 - B
3 - B
4 - C
5 - B
6 - C
7 - C
8 - C
9 - B
10 - C

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Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança