Semana 02: Exercício com os Demonstrativos - Curso Grátis de Inglês

I- Escute e complete as frases com (this, that, these or those).
1. is really difficult.
2. Are books over there on the table yours?
3. child is my son Brandon.
4. woman works with us.
5. Could you pass me books over there, please?
6. Do you like dresses?
7. Was an exciting lesson?
8. women study English with me.
9. horses are running.
10. sandwich is delicious.
II- Selecione o demonstrativo corretamente, depois escute e comprove sua resposta.
1. table is new. (longe)
2. books are very expensive. (longe)
3. people live in Brazil. (perto)
4. pencil is mine. (perto)
5. Are children yours? (longe)
6. cat is from Calgary. (perto)
7. is my new car. (longe)
8. How much does book cost? (perto)
9. children live about here. (longe)
10. people are my neighbours. (perto)

III- Transforme para o plural, sem mudar a distância, as seguintes frases:
1. This man is from Spain.
men are from Spain.
2. That tomato is very big.
tomatoes are very big.
3. This woman studies English.
women study English.
4. That is my pencil.
are my pencils.
5. This person is nice.
people are nice.
6. That man is waiting.
men are waiting.
7. That dog is mine.
dogs are mine.
8. That is a window.
are the windows.
9. I like that house.
I like houses.
10. That keyboard is broken.
keyboards are broken.

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança