Semana 04: Exercícios com "There is" e "There are" - Curso Grátis de Inglês

I- Selecione "is" ou "are" de acordo com a frase.
1. There an interesting book.
2. There a black car.
3. There two cats.
4. There some friends.
5. There a dog.
6. There some tables.
7. There one beer over there on the table.
8. There some schools.
9. There some people.
10. There a white house.

II- Selecione "there isn't" ou "there aren't" de acordo com a frase.
1. many people at the school.
2. any milk in the fridge.
3. any napkins on the table.
4. any juice in the bottle.
5. any coffe in the cup.
6. any people at home.
7. any newspaper in the room.
8. some photos in his bag.
9. many trees in the forest.
10. any dog in the garden.

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança