Semana 05: Exercícios com "How much" e "How many" - Curso Grátis de Inglês

I- Selecione (How much) ou (How many) de acordo com a frase.
1. books are there on the table?
2. eggs did the hens lay?
3. milk is in the fridge?
4. girls are in your school?
5. people live in your city?
6. water is in the ocean?
7. teachers do you have?
8. lessons do you have on Tuesday?
9. work have you got to do?
10. coffe does she want?

II- Selecione "How much" ou "How many" de acordo com a frase.
1. Americans does she know?
2. apples do you see?
3. sugar do you need?
4. sisters has Lucy got?
5. people do you live with?
6. sugar do you use in your coffee?
7. water do you want?
8. secrets have you got?
9. petrol do you need?
10. apples are the in the basket?

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