Semana 05: Is Fast Food Always Junk Food? - Curso Grátis de Inglês

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Is fast food always junk food?

You’ve done your homework, you feel hungry, and you’ve got just half an hour before you go out to meet your friends. There’s no time to cook a meal; what you need is some fast food.

Most people think that fast food is junk food. What is junk food? Food that contains too much of the wrong things and too little of the right ones. So there is too much sugar, salt and fat in it. Typical junk foods are: hamburgers, fried chicken, chips, cakes, sweets, ice creams, biscuits and crisps.

But fast food can also be healthy. What about a banana? An apple? A pear? A piece of cheese? Some yoghurt? A glass of milk?

You can kill your hunger with a bag of chips, but it’s much healthier to have some fruit or a glass of milk. And these things won’t make you fat.

So why do so many young people choose junk food? One reason is that they see many advertisements for junk foods on television. Research shows that the more TV children watch, the more they ask for the advertised junk foods. As a result, they eat far too much sugar and fat and not enough fruit and vegetables. Another reason is that they do not know what they are putting into their bodies, and what it is doing to them. If they did, they would not eat so much junk food. Don’t forget that you are what you eat!

I- Selecione Verdadeiro ou Falso de acordo com o texto.

This text was written by an American.
Junk food contains too much fat
Healthy fast foods are hamburgers, fried chicken and apples.

TV influences what we eat.
Red apples are much healthier than green or yellow apples.
Children do not eat enough fruit and vegetables.

British children eat too many biscuits.
Children know a lot about the food they eat.
Most people think that fast food is junk food.
Vocabulário Novo - New Vocabulary
hungry faminto things coisas
before antes kill matar
got out sair bodies corpos
meet encontrar forget esquecer
wrong errado enough suficiente
Em inglês, algumas palavras podem ter mais de um significado, a tradução das palavras do vocabulário foi feita de acordo com o texto da lição.

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