Semana 07: Exercícios com "Too" e "Enough" - Curso Grátis de Inglês

I- Selecione "too much" ou "too many" segundo corresponda.
1. In many countries, children watch violence on TV.
2. There are people in the house.
3. He ate potatoes yesterday.
4. She drinks coffee every day.
5. There's sugar in my coffee.
6. Sometimes there's rain.
7. There are cars in European cities.
8. I eat fast food.
9. Men think women spend money on clothes.
10. There are dogs on the street.

II-Selecione "too" ou "enough" segundo corresponda.
1. Anna can't go to the movies because she hasn't got money.
2. This house is expensive to rent. I can't afford that.
3. The suitcase is heavy for him to lift.
4. She's old to go out on her own.
5. His shoes are big for him.
6. You're always at home. You don't go out .
7. Bill is old to start a new life in another country.
8. My sister is old to drive, but she doesn't have a car.
9. I usually take the bus to work because it's far to walk.
10. Charles is short to become a police officer.

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Everything comes to him who waits
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