Semana 08: Exercícios com "Have to" - Curso Grátis de Inglês

I- Assinale a alternativa correta.
1. Tom is a smart guy, he a lot.
2. Mary and Sheila live in a really old house, they a new one.
3. Do you really to fast?
4. This Monday is holiday. We early.
5. Oh, look at the time or you'll loose the train.
6. He his math book today, he doesn't have math class.
7. My brother is a policeman. He a uniform.
8. Anna very hard. She's got on easy job.
9. My eyes are not very good. I glasses.
10. Mary is studying literature. She a lot of books.

Aprenda hoje

Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança