Semana 09: Christmas Shopping - Curso Grátis de Inglês

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Christmas Shopping

Christmas is the busiest time of year for shops in the UK

Many shops stay open till late in the run up to Christmas, so that people who work in the daytime can have extra time to shop for Christmas decorations and gifts.

Most department stores decorate their windows with elaborate displays and lights. Some of the bigger stores even have a Grotto where kids can visit Santa to make last minute requests for toys and have their photo taken with him!

Not everybody enjoys the Christmas season, however. In a survey conducted by mail order catalogue a few years back, 20% of women polled claimed to hate the festive season. On average, the women surveyed spent, on average, 11 hours clearing up after Christmas Day; perhaps that had something to do with it as well! Despite this, 70 per cent of women polled in the survey felt that the time they spent preparing for Christmas was worthwhile.

Many shops these days begin promoting Christmas months before the holiday -sometimes as early as September! Because os this, some people feel that Christmas has become too commercial and that people have forgotten its true meaning.

I- Assinale verdadeiro ou falso nas alternativas abaixo.
1. Some shops in the UK begin promoting Christmas months before the holiday.
2. Everybody enjoys the Christmas.
3. The averange women polled in the survey spends 11 hours preparing for Christmas.
4. Some people believe that Christmas has become too commencialised.
5. All shops stay open till late in the run up to Christmas.
Vocabulário Novo - New Vocabulary
busiest mais ativos polled claimed entrevistados afirmaram
till até average média
toys brinquedos perhaps talvez
everybody todo o mundo worthwhile vale a pena
however entretanto, porém begin começar
Em inglês, algumas palavras podem ter mais de um significado, a tradução das palavras do vocabulário foi feita de acordo com o texto da lição.

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Everything comes to him who waits
Quem espera sempre alcança